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JTSolar glass

JTSolar glass, luxury green line and Bussworld 2023 award winner, is our new innovation for the vehicle industry. An investment that pays back itself.

Jaakko-Tuote Oy is a Finnish family business that designs, develops and manufactures high quality safety glass products for demanding applications with over 50 years of experience. Shape of Excellence, the slogan and the company policy are based on customer-oriented service with flexibility and expertise from start to finish.

JTSolar glass is ECE43R approved, toughened laminated safety glass with integrated solar cells. The solar solution is designed to be vehicle integrated, taking into consideration all requirements of the automotive sector. The glass can be manufactured in many sizes and the number of cells can be increased.

The Solar technology used is latest back contact technology. The maximum power for solar cells is approx. 200W / m2 and in JTSolar MB1- model, the maximum power is 50-60W.
Download the brochure here.