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Architectural glass

With decades of experience, Jaakko-Tuote Oy implements all kinds of safety glass solutions, from traditional window glass to larger and more challenging assemblies. We manufacture safety glazing from high-quality glass selected on the basis of long-time user experience.

Safety glazing is used where ordinary glass is not always sufficient to protect people and property from external risk factors such as vandalism, burglary, fire, explosion and various types of radiation. Safety glass also reduces the risk of injury to persons in accidents. Safety glass is made of either tempered glass, laminated glass or tempered laminated glass. Building regulations and the safety instructions of insurance companies set requirements for the type and thickness of safety glass. During the manufacturing process, many special features can be added to our safety glass, such as sound insulation and UV protection.

Our products can be found in, for example, The Finnish President’s residence in Mäntyniemi, the annex of the Finnish Parliament, Helsinki Airport, the Mall of Tripla shopping centre and several other buildings around the world.

Sales of custom made glass products to consumer customers is done through our resellers, i.e. we instruct consumer customers to contact the nearest glass or construction company. Additional information is available from Jaakko-Tuote Oy glass vendors.