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Insulating glass

The insulating glass element consists of two or more glass plates and the space between them. The space between the glass plates is airtight and is filled with either dry air or a gas mixture. Insulation glass protects us against sun, heat, cold or various sounds. Depending on the intended use and the customer’s preference, the insulating glass element is assembled from ordinary, clear glass plates or from one or more plates of mass colorized, energy-saving, sun protection or patterned glass. These types of glass can also be tempered or laminated, if needed, according to the construction requirements of the application.

The most common applications of insulating glass are doors to stairwells and balconies, interior glazing in residential apartments, display windows, windows in business premises and other heated areas. Skylights can be flat or curved, double or triple insulating glass panes.
We also manufacture electrically heated insulating glass according to their intended use.