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Laminated glass

Laminated glass is made of two or more glass panes which are joined together with a strong PVB film. The film makes the laminated glass tough and difficult to break. After the prelamination, the panels are fully pressed in the autoclave under high pressure and at a temperature of approximately 150 °C. Special films can be used to improve sound insulation and fracture toughness. By increasing the number and thickness of the layers of glass and film, the protective properties of glass can be increased and, for example, burglary-proof glasses can be manufactured. Coloured laminated glass panes are made of float glass and PVB film. There are approximately 30 different film colours, and colour films and glass panes can be combined in different ways in order to create shades different from the standard colours.

The maximum size of straight laminated glass is 3210 x 6000 mm and the maximum size of bent glass is approximately 3100 x 4300 mm. Our laminated safety glass meets international standards, for example, DIN and EN requirements and are CE marked.

The applications of laminated glass include, for example, facade glass, floor glass, glazed railings, balcony glass and double-sided mirrors. Laminated safety glass is also available in bent form and these bent safety glass panes are used for example in shop windows, glazed railings and facade glazing.