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Responsibility and Quality Policy


Jaakko-Tuote Oy’s responsibility as a company is to operate profitably and to improve our operations in the long run. Profitable operations endorse financial solidity, which affects employees, customers and suppliers. Jaakko-Tuote Oy is a reliable supplier to its customers, a domestic family business that is financially sound and a safe employer. The company’s equity ratio has always been high and in 2021 it was 90%.

Jaakko-Tuote Oy has been operating in Panelia, Satakunta for 50 years and it is one of the largest employers in the municipality. We employ about 140 permanent employees. Long-term employment relationships are a matter of honour for us and we have never had to dismiss or lay off anyone. We offer jobs to dozens of seasonal workers every year.

Environment and sustainable development
We aspire to recycle and sort waste in our operations. The core idea of Jaakko-Tuote operations is to continuously develop its own processes in a more productive, profitable and environmentally friendly direction. We work to reduce material loss, energy consumption and internal logistics according to the following key principles of our operations:

  • We regularly monitor the quantities of recycled materials in order to achieve the set targets and continually improve our operations.
  • We follow Finnish and international legislation and base our operations on these rules.
  • Our employees are always informed and trained in environmental matters, and the environmental impact of their operations is communicated regularly.
  • Today, we recycle almost all our raw materials, some packaging materials, glass, metal, plastics, electrical and electronic waste and hazardous waste.
  • We also aim to reduce water consumption in our production with various recycling and cleaning solutions. We keep the machines in good condition with regular maintenance to avoid production interruptions. Similarly, we regularly look for new solutions for our most energy- and heat-consuming work phases.
  • For almost 10 years, we have used geothermal heating as the main form of heating in our production and office premises.
  • Since the beginning of 2022, we have been part of the producer community Rinki to fulfill the producer responsibility for wood packaging.

Sponsor work
Exercise and sports are close to the hearts of Jaakko-Tuote Oy’s former and current CEO. Every year, the company supports local sports clubs and teams through marketing cooperation, and the parties we support include clubs such as Rauman Lukko, Rauman SalBa, Euran Pallo, Panelian Raikas and Harjavallan Jymy. Our marketing partners also include various local organisations and associations, such as the Lions Club Eura/Pyhäjärvi, the Kiukainen War Veteran association and the Finnish Red Cross Eura department.
We are also support the local Kohnan Lenkki running event.

Quality Policy

The basis of the entire Jaakko-Tuote Oy business is to meet the glazing needs of vehicles as well as the different glazing and roof safety needs in the construction industry. To this end, a quality policy has been defined for the organisation. It creates a foundation for all of the company’s activities:

  • Identifying the customer’s needs and expectations that will enable the customer to gain a competitive advantage and a technical lead in the market.
  • Delivering a suitable and flawless product for the intended use to the customer in a timely manner.
  • Regular monitoring of our own line of business and compliance with general sector rules and regulations.
  • The company’s management is committed to monitoring the quality objectives and aiming for continuous improvement of operations.
  • Quality is considered an all-encompassing concept. Each member of staff is responsible for the quality of their work and its continuous development. The aim is to eliminate and prevent quality defects.