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Jaakko-Tuote Oy 50 years

2022 is the 50th anniversary celebration of Jaakko-Tuote Oy starting its operations. We are proud of the age we have reached, 50 years is a remarkable age for a company in this world of constant change. Officially, the special day is April 7, when the company was entered in the Trade Register.

The anniversary is a good time not only to celebrate growth and development, but also to thank our customers and partners, whose trust shows that we have developed our operations in the right direction over the past 50 years and will continue to do so in the future. We would also like to thank all the employees of Jaakko-Tuote Oy who have worked for the company during the history of Jaakko-Tuote Oy and who have made the 50-year history of Jaakko-Tuote Oy possible.

The age of 50 was celebrated throughout the anniversary year. Already in 2021, more emphasis was placed on marketing and visibility in celebration of the semicentenary by making use of our new brand refresh. The semicentenary year was visible throughout the year in all our communications and our 50th anniversary logo will certainly become familiar to our customers and partners.

More about the company history here.