Glass Products

Parvekelasitus - Joensuu
Balcony Glass – Joensuu

Jaakko-Tuote designs, developes and produces high quality safety glass products. Our products have been designed to meet the demands of complexed purposed.

We produce glass for various objects such as buildings, vehicles, machines, ships and as a decorative feature. Our products fit in surroundings that require a high level of safety.

Our products are being used for example at the Helsinki Airport, Helsinki railwaystation, Turku Airport, Länsi-Auto Arena (Espoo) and in numerous buses and agricultural machines all over the world.

At Jaakko-Tuote Oy we focus on the needs of our clients and a continous quality development. We design and produce glass according to the specific needs of every customer.

Our experience on high-demand projects has brought high level skill and knowledge on various glass products and their usage all the way coming from bullet-proof glass up to sauna doors of an ordinary home.